Xuerui YANG


Xuerui YANG


Tsinghua University

School of Life Sciences

Principal Investigator


Education and Work Experience

1999-2003  B.S., Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University
2003-2009  Dual Major Ph.D., Chemical Engineering & Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Michigan State University
2009-2012  Post-Doc Research Scientist, Joint Centers for Systems Biology, Irving Cancer Research Center, Columbia University
2012-present  Assistant Professor, Principle Investigator, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University


Research Interests:

    Cancer systems biology and functional “-omics”. We apply multidisciplinary approaches to systematically study gene regulatory networks and pathways that play important roles in pathogenesis of major diseases such as cancers.

    Both computational and experimental principles from systems biology, bioinformatics, genetics and molecular biology are being used. Current research is focused on post-transcriptional and translational regulatory networks and their detailed functional mechanisms in cancers. Our long-term goal is to provide molecular basis of novel therapeutic approaches.



Tsinghua University, School of Life Sciences


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