Jianbin YAN


Jianbin YAN


Tsinghua University

School of Life Sciences

Assistant Professor


Education and Work Experience

2010           Ph.D., Tsinghua University

2010-2013      Postdoc, Tsinghua University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2013-Present    Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University


Research Area

He has been focusing his research on plant synthetic biology and published 11 international peer reviewed papers. Two of these papers first found plant hormone jasmonate receptor and revealed a novel mechanism of F-box protein degradation, which were recommended by Faculty of 1000 due to its great scientific significance. Dr. Yan also has developed plant and yeast cell reactors for a variety of bioenergy and natural products. In addition, Dr. Yan are dedicating effort to provide a novel and high-efficient cellulose utilization based on bacteria consortia synthetic biology.


Selected Publication

Du R, Yan J, Li S, Zhang L, Zhang S, Li J, Zhao G, Qi P. Cellulosic ethanol production by natural bacterial consortia is enhanced by Pseudoxanthomonas taiwanensis. Biotechnol Biofuels. 2015, 8: 10.

Yan J, Li H, Li S, Yao R, Deng H, Xie Q, Xie D. The Arabidopsis F-box protein CORONATINE INSENSITIVE1 is stabilized by SCFCOI1 and degraded via the 26S proteasome pathway. Plant Cell. 2013, 25:486-498.

Yan J, Zhang C, Gu M, Bai Z, Zhang W, Qi T, Cheng Z, Peng W, Luo H, Nan F, Wang Z, Xie D. The Arabidopsis CORONATINE INSENSITIVE1 protein is a jasmonate receptor. Plant Cell. 2009, 21:2220-2236.



Tsinghua University, School of Life Sciences

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