Xiaowo WANG


Xiaowo WANG


Tsinghua University

Department of Automation

Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology



2003.9-2008.7  Ph.D. of Bioinformatics, Tsinghua University, China

1999.9-2003.7  Bachelor of Engineering, Tsinghua University, China


Working Experience

2008.7-present  Lecturer of Bioinformatics, MOE Key  Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Bioinformatics Div, TNLIST / Department of Automation, Tsinghua University

2007.9-2008.3  Visiting student, Michael Q. Zhang Lab., CSHL, USA


Expertise and Research Interests

Computational Systems Biology and Synthetic biology

Gene regulation analysis: Transcription regulation, epigenomic regulation, RNA regulation, post-translational regulation

Computational analysis of microRNA regulatory networks

Next generation sequencing data analysis

Design of synthetic biological systems


Academic/Social Activities and Memberships

NSFC reviewer

Reviewer of Bioinformatics, BMC bioinformatics, PLoS One, Chromatin, Epigenetics, The Annals of Applied Statistics, APBC2009, APBC2010, etc.


Honors and Awards

National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, China (2010)

National Education Award, China (the 2nd Class) (2009) (Shared with Prof. Zhang XG, Prof. Li S., Prof. Li YD., Prof. Jiang R.)Beijing Teaching Achievement Award (the 1st Class) (2008) (Shared with Prof. Zhang XG, Prof. Li S., Prof. Li YD., Prof. Jiang R.)


Selected Publication

Yuan Y, Liu B, Xie P, Zhang MQ, Li YD, Xie Z*, Wang XW*, Model-guided quantitative analysis of microRNA-mediated regulation on competing endogenous RNAs using a synthetic gene circuit. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015, 112:3158-63.

Liu HL, Li YD, Wang XW*. OP-Synthetic: identification of optimal genetic manipulations for the overproduction of native and non-native metabolites. Quantitative Biology. 2014, 2: 100–109.



Tsinghua University, Department of Automation


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