Zhanglin LIN


Zhanglin LIN


Tsinghua University   Department of Chemical Engineering

MOE Changjiang Scholar Professor of Biological Engineering



Education and Work Experience

1990        B.S., Chemical Engineering (with a minor in economics), Tsinghua University
M.S., Biochemical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore

1996        Ph.D., Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Maryland

1996 – 1999  Postdoctoral, Division of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Caltech


Expertise and Research Interests

Research in Professor Lin’s lab focuses on addressing fundamental technical problems related to molecular evolution of proteins, and on engineering proteins related to various bioprocesses. At present, there are three specific areas of research that are being pursued: (1) development of tools for directed evolution, for example, a high thorough-put autolysis scheme for E. coli cells; (2) evolution of useful biocatalysts and pathways, which includes engineering of enzymes and regulatory proteins related to biorefinery and for production of fine chemicals; (3) dissection and functional analysis of enzymes and viral proteins. Research in this lab has been supported by the national key basic research (973) program, the national high-tech (863) program, NSFC, and industrial grants. Prof. Lin also has been teaching an undergraduate course “principles and applications of genetic engineering.”



Tsinghua University   Department of Chemical Engineering


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