Xinhui XING


Xinhui XING


Tsinghua University

Department of Chemical Engineering



Education and Work Experience

1985         B.S., South China University of Technology

1989        M.S., Ustsunomiya University (Japan)

1992         Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

1992.4-1998.2   Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

1998.3-2001.7   Lecturer and Associate Professor , Yokohama National University

2000 –present   Professor, Tsinghua University


Research Area

Biochemical Engineering, Evolution Engineering,  Metabolic Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology, Enzyme Engineering


Academic/Social Activities and Memberships

Director of Institute of Biochemical Engineering in 2002. Currently he is the vice chairman of the department. He is the editorial board of Biotechnology and Business of China, Journal of Food Sciences of China and Journal of Food Science and Biotechnology. He serves as the editor of Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering and associate editor of Biochemical Engineering Journal, editorial board of Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, Enzymatic and Microbial Technology, Journal of Biotechnology, Food Science and Human Wellness and Industrial Biotechnology.



Tsinghua University, Department of Chemical Engineering


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