The main research direction of the center is to combine synthetic biology with bioinformatics, and systems biology to develop high-throughput genomics technology and bioinformatics, and to analyze complex regulatory network and epigenetic molecular mechanisms in disease, development and cell metabolism. Using systems and computational biology, we aim to construct a "virtual cell"model (including "gene circuit simulation", "virtual gene regulation system"), which could guide the design, construction and application of synthetic biological components, genetic circuits and synthetic living systems, and to further understand the mechanism of biological systems.

The research focus of the center includes:

  • Bioinformatics of high-throughput genomics
  • Analysis and Intervention of complex diseases networks
  • Natural and artificial microbial communities
  • Information processing and analysis of biological systems
  • Information transfer and system identification of genetic regulation
  • Engineering and regulation principle of genetic circuit
  • Regulative and metabolic engineering of model element
  • Biosynthesis of chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Genome engineering and precise gene editing
  • Synthetic genomics