Jin GU


Jin GU


Tsinghua University

Department of Automation

Assistant Professor



2004            B.S., Tsinghua University

2009            Ph.D., Tsinghua University


Research Interests:

He is focusing his research on cancer gene regulatory networks and large-scale genomic data analysis. His group has developed several methods to infer cancer-associated gene modules and miRNA regulatory networks; and also developed several tools to analyze high-throughput biological data, such as FastDMA for DNA methylation array and LRAcluster for integrative clustering cancer multi-omics data. Now, he is PI of NSFC General Program and co-PIs of NBRPC (973 Project) and NSFC Key Program.


Selected Publication

Gu J, Chen Y, Huang H, Yin L, Xie Z, Zhang MQ. Gene module based regulator inference identifying miR-139 as a tumor suppressor in colorectal cancer. Molecular BioSystems. 2014, 10:3249-3254.

WangD, Gu J, Wang T, Ding Z. OncomiRDB: a database for the experimentally verified oncogenic and tumor-suppressive microRNAs. Bioinformatics. 2014, 30:2237-2238.

Gu J, Chen Y, Li S, Li Y. Identification of responsive gene modules by network-based gene clustering and extending: application to inflammation and angiogenesis. BMC Systems Biology. 2010, 4:47.




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