Welcome Letter from the 2017 Metabolic Engineering Summit Committee

2017-03-10 06:33:16

Welcome Letter from the 2017 Metabolic Engineering Summit Committee

 The 2017 Metabolic Engineering Conference will be held in Beijing, China. In recent years metabolic engineering has grown rapidly in China and to further stimulate this growth the International Metabolic Engineering Society (IMES) decided to arrange a Metabolic Engineering Summit (ME Summit) in China on Oct. 22-24, 2017 in Beijing Conference Center, Beijing. We are honored to host this event and look forward to welcoming our friends and colleagues from all over the world. 

There are 6 sessions in this ME Summit:

1) Production of natural products through ME

2) From waste to value through ME

3) Advancing a bio-economy through ME

4) ME and Synthetic Biology

5) ME as an enabling technology for driving innovation

6) Challenges of biorefineries

The international ME-conference is the premier conference for the field bringing together leading experts, scientists, and students from industry, the government and academia to present and discuss cutting edge research. Presentations are typically provided by principal investigators, roughly 25% of which will be provided by invited scientific leaders from within and outside the core metabolic engineering community. To encourage interaction and further discussions as usual, the entire meeting is held in a single-track format, with almost all meals taken together and with multiple social hours and poster sessions (typically presented by students, postdocs, or junior faculty/scientists). The ME summit will follow this tradition.

Following this condition, the theme of ME-Summit is termed “ME in the era of Synthetic Biology”. Advances in DNA synthesis and sequencing technologies have shifted focus in engineering biology applications increasingly towards the assembling of complex biological systems, which historically has been an area where metabolic engineering has provided international leadership. As such, the ME Summit will provide a venue for discussing the most recent advances in synthesis and assembly, and how such advances are enabling entirely new approaches to metabolic engineering. The ME Summit brings together experts from US, Europe and China as well as other leading industrial countries to discuss common interests and hereby promote collaborations.

Registration is open from now on. We extend the warmest welcome to all, and hope that you enjoy the ME Summit in Beijing, China.

Chairmans of Metabolic Engineering Summit: 

Dr. Tianwei Tan, Beijing Univ Chemical Technol

Dr. George Guo-Qiang Chen, Tsinghua Univ

Dr. Jens Nielsen,Chalmers University of Technology

Dr. Yin Li , Inst Microbiol, CAS

Dr. Yinjing Yuan, Tianjin Univ

General Secretary: 

Dr. Biqiang Chen, Beijing Univ Chemical Technol


Metabolic Engineering Summit 2017