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       hLife是中国科学院微生物研究所主办,中国生物工程学会,上海市免疫治疗创新研究院,西湖大学医学院和广州霍夫曼免疫研究所联合支持的健康科学领域综合性英文期刊。2022年成功入选“中国科技期刊卓越行动计划高起点新刊”。hLife聚焦健康科学领域的前沿进展,旨在促进基础研究与临床应用的融合发展。学科涉及与医学相关的各个领域。hLife由高福院士、董晨院士和Jules A. Hoffmann教授(2011诺奖获得者)领衔,由60余名全球健康科学领域的卓越科学家组成。编委会成员来自全球13个国家或地区,包括诺贝尔生理学或医学奖获得者2名,中国科学院或工程院院士12名,还有多位美国、加拿大、法国、俄罗斯、巴西等国家科学院院士。hLife是一本金色开放获取期刊,2023年11月正式创刊,2025年前接受稿件免收APC。

hLife is a peer-reviewed, open-access monthly journal, whose founding Editors-in-Chief are Prof. George F. Gao, Prof. Chen Dong and Prof. Jules A. Hoffmann. hLife is sponsored by the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Society of Biotechnology, the Shanghai Immune Therapy Institute, Westlake University School of Medicine, and the Sino-French Hoffmann Institute, in cooperation with the international publisher Elsevier.Besides, Central Academy of Fine Arts is involved to improve the quality of display items.

hLife, which combines healthier, happier and harmonious life together, aims to report and highlight original and high-impact discoveries in health sciences, linking basic research to clinical applications that could improve human health. The disciplines covering all medicine-related research, include but are not limited to pathogen biology, epidemiology, physiology, immunology, structural biology, disease surveillance, oncology, drugs, vaccines, translational medicine, and health policy. hLife welcomes various types of content, such as research article, review, letter, perspective, commentary, resource, editorial, dialogue, and stories about scientists or scientific stories in the field of health sciences.

All Article Publishing Charges for articles accepted by hLife before 2025 are free. 


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