YABEC会议, 2016!


今年YABEC会议在日本九州, 今年的报名要求与之前略有不同,因为每个地区要求40人

参会,有一个预报名的过程, 后期在通过AFOB网上报名。

i) List up 40 participants at each region by delegates (mid-late June)

ii) Delegate asks the selected participants to register through the AFOB website (- June 30)

iii) AFOB sends the collected information to each delegate

iv) Delegates check the registration information (- mid July)

At step (ii), participants will select the way of registration fee payment (credit card or

bank transfer to AFOB).

If both payment methods will not be applicable, we'll request to send the collected fee

by bank transfer or to deliver the cash by hands to the venue, but the former is preferable.