Qionglin LIANG

Qionglin LIANG


Tsinghua University

Department of Chemistry

Associate Professor


Education and Work Experience

2000            Sc.B., Tsinghua University

2005            Ph.D., Tsinghua University

2005-Present     Associate professor, Tsinghua University


Research Interests:

His research interests focused on microfluidics, chromatography/mass spectrometry and their application in biological or biomedical analysis, funding by several national major programs (MOST, 973, NSFC, MOE). He has published over 80 peer-reviewed papers with over 1800 citations in the Web of Science, co-authored five academic monographs, and filed 8 invention patents.


Academic/Social Activities and Memberships

the executive member and academic secretary of committee of Chinese Biopharmaceutical Technology Association (CBTA), China Medicinal Biotech Association, board member of the committee of Young Scientists Workshop of the Chinese Chemical Society.




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